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CMG was established in 2001 as a mission-driven consulting service. We are committed to providing affordable and culturally relevant program evaluation & grant writing services to community-based health & human service organizations in Greater Boston. CMG has since served over a hundred non-profit organizations throughout New England, the Southwest, and California. Our goal is to ensure access to services within organizational budget restrictions.   

GRANT WRITING: CMG assists with writing winning foundation, city, state, and federal grants. We also provide services essential to the proposal process such as conducting needs assessments and developing logic models.   

PROGRAM EVALUATION: Organizations and stakeholders often want to know if a program is meeting the stated goals, ways in which the intended outcomes can be more efficiently achieved at a sustainable cost. CMG can conduct evaluations at various points in a program's lifespan to measure performance and identify opportunities for growth.

CULTURAL COMPETENCY: Cultural Competence requires having an awareness of one’s own cultural identity, the ability to understand within-group differences, and celebrate between-group variations. This philosophy is essential for promoting health, wellness, and productivity and is applied to all grant writing and evaluation efforts. This practice is well described by the Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence. 

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