Cambridge Measurement Group - Making Sure Everyone is Counted
CMG was established in 2001 with the mission of providing affordable and culturally relevant program evaluation, grant writing & development support to community-based health, education, arts, and multi-service organizations in Greater Boston. We have also served organizations located in the Southwest and Tribal Territories. 

We provide ...

  1. GRANT WRITING:  CMG assists with writing winning foundation, city, state, and federal grants. We also provide services essential to the proposal process such as conducting needs assessments and framing logic models.   

  2. PROGRAM EVALUATION: CMG conducts systematic data analysis and writing to inform organizations and constituents about project effectiveness and efficiency. Stakeholders often want to know if programs they fund or support are meeting their intended goals.

    Other program evaluation considerations can include cost per participant, the and impact of program participation, identifying how the program could be improved, and whether there are alternative ways to better achieve intended outcomes. Types of evaluation include (a) formative, (b) process, (c) outcome, (d) impact, (e) monitoring, and (f) reporting. 

  3. CULTURAL COMPETENCY:  Being Culturally Competent requires having an awareness of one’s own cultural identity, the ability to understand within-group differences, and celebrate between-group variations. We strive to apply this approach to all grant writing and program evaluation as an essential part of promoting health, wellness, and productivity.  This practice is consistent with the philosophy of the Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence. 
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