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Research Design is an essential component of a Capstone, Thesis, or Dissertation.  We have assisted hundreds of graduate students with developing a quality product of which they can be proud.  We provide support in all phases ranging from the proposal through the defense. Services include: 

  • Editing (Deep)
  • Identifying an Appropriate Research Method & Design
  • Identifying Existing Scales and Data Sets 
  • Instrument Development
  • IRB Application 
  • Developing Research Questions & Hypothesis
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Interpretation 
  • Creating Charts, Graphs &Tables
  • Survey Design  
  • Preparing for the Defense

    NOTE: We do NOT provide ghostwriting or any other service that violates academic integrity.  For more information, make a request, or discuss your needs, visit or call (617) 642-8281. 
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